Vick is Pitching Reality TV Doc

Vick is Pitching Reality TV Doc

Published April 16, 2009

Fallen football star Michael Vick is pitching a reality TV show to producers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently, Vick, who is serving the remainder of a 23-month prison sentence for charges stemming from illegal dogfighting, has talked to producers about launching an unscripted documentary series beginning July 20, the day of his scheduled release from federal custody, and show him trying to "make amends for his past." And interest from TV execs is hot, according to the Reporter, which says that producers lined up to see the suspended baller in prison and “a few parties claim to have obtained rights to a Vick project.”

Earlier this month, attorneys for Vick told a judge that the former Atlanta Falcon quarterback has agreed to a "television documentary deal" that will pay him $600,000. However, Vick, who owes millions to creditors, is seeking much more, the Reporter says. As the Reporter notes, “If Vick's show finds a home, he wouldn't be the first celebrity to get help with legal fees from TV networks."

Producer Mark Burnett locked up Martha Stewart for a version of ‘The Apprentice’ and her daytime talk show ‘Martha’ before she was released from federal prison in 2005. There also have been pre-prison countdown reality shows, including Lil Kim's ‘Countdown to Lockdown’ on BET in 2006 and T.I.'s ‘Road to Redemption’ this year on MTV.

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