Man Punched After Snatching Dallas Cowboy Flag from Car

Man Punched After Snatching Dallas Cowboy Flag from Car

Published April 17, 2009

In Washington, D.C., where the football rivalry between the hometown Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys runs deep, a motorist socked a man in the face for snatching a Cowboys flag from his car, reports The Washington Post.

The incident occurred during the evening rush hour earlier this week in an upscale section of the city.

According to police, a man went up to the car, took the flag, threw it to the ground then proceeded to cross the street. When he got across, someone got out of the vehicle and punched him in the face, the police official said.

One witness told the Post that after the motorist hit the man, he walked away, picked up something from the ground – perhaps the flag – and drove off.

After he was hit, the victim fell and hit his head on the sidewalk. “He was out for a good five minutes or so,” the witness said. Police say the man was treated for a bruised forehead.

“It’s crazy. It’s doesn’t make sense,” Lt. Eric Hayes told the paper. The attacker could have been a zealous fan, or just upset that someone touched his car, Hayes said.

Written by News Staff


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