Singer Arrested For Allegedly Spreading HIV

Singer Arrested For Allegedly Spreading HIV

Published April 17, 2009

The bi-racial singer who fronted one of Germany's biggest-selling girl bands of all time is in custody on suspicion of deliberately spreading HIV to a man she reportedly slept with.

Nadja Benaissa is accused of having unprotected sex with at least three different partners, one of which has reportedly tested positive for HIV.

Born to an African father and European mother and raised Muslim, Benaissa achieved success as lead singer of the group No Angels. The 26-year-old went on to record solo R&B and soul songs in German, increasing her stardom in the country. She is a former reality show contestant, who auditioned on the program "Pop Stars," where she beat out thousands of contestants and was once signed to Universal Music.

Benaissa has been in police custody since her recent arrest at a Frankfurt, Germany nightclub. A judge has ordered that she be held, saying it is in the public's best interest that she be prevented from possibly repeating the alleged crimes.

Written by News Staff


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