Md. Boy Hit and Killed by Train

Md. Boy Hit and Killed by Train

Published April 24, 2009

A game of “chicken” on railroad tracks in Laurel, Md., reportedly cost a 14-year-old boy his life.

Prince Tyre was hit and killed by a train Thursday morning while using a shortcut along the tracks to walk to school with a friend after he missed the bus, reports D.C. station News Channel 8.

According to the freight train’s engineer, Tyre and other kids were playing the dangerous game, in which the participants stand on the track and try to be the last one to move out of the way of an oncoming train. Tyre did not get out of the way, for whatever reason, and was hit.

Tyre’s older sister Mary, who says she told him to stay away from the tracks, is in grief.

“I love him to death and I miss him so much,” she told the news service.

According to government statistics, more than 600 people are killed by trains each year in similar accidents.

Written by News Staff


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