Obama May Face Another Nominee Scandal

Obama May Face Another Nominee Scandal

Published May 8, 2009

President Barack Obama's nominee for second-in-command of federal housing is connected with the largest fine in American history, according to the Washington Times. 

Ronald Sims' office reportedly committed "blatant violations" when he served as King County executive in Washington state.  

The Washington Supreme Court found that Sims' staff withheld documents detailing taxpayer expenses associated with a new NFL stadium.  The documents in question included information about cheaper alternatives to the proposed $430 million Seattle Seahawks field.

The county officials alleged to have violated open records laws were given financial penalties that critics say reflect negatively against Sims. Sims made no comment Thursday about the issue.

Obama's nomination of Sims to the Housing and Urban Development post is the latest of his appointments to be called into question, since critics say that Sims' involvement in the records concealment con tradicts the president's claims of transparency in government. 


Written by BET.com Staff


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