Racism Resurfaces on the Formula 1 Circuit

Racism Resurfaces on the Formula 1 Circuit

Published May 13, 2009

The International Federation of Automobiles (commonly referred to as the FIA) says it is looking into a racist act against Black formula one world champion Lewis Carl Hamilton.

In yet another embarrassing moment for the sport of formula one racing, a fan at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona blackened his face, arms and hands in an apparent attempt to mock Lewis, a Black Englishman, who is the sport’s youngest champion ever.

In February, a similar gesture caused an international uproar and highlighted the often hostile attitudes of racing fans toward Blacks. In that instance, a group of spectators painted their faces black, and donned curly wigs and T-shirts reading "Hamilton's family."

The ensuing outrage prompted the FIA to launch an anti-racism initiative known as EveryRace.



Written by BET.com Staff


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