Former Black CEO Says She Was Fired for Backing White Candidate

Former Black CEO Says She Was Fired for Backing White Candidate

Published May 19, 2009

Former CEO, Joyce Johnson, claims the Black Equity Alliance fired her for backing a White candidate, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, for re-election, reports The New York Times. She filed a lawsuit against the group last week.

The Black Equity Alliance (BEA) is a nonprofit founded in 2003 to assist human services, religious-based and community development organizations that work with African Americans.

After she announced her support of Bloomberg in March, Johnson says BEA board members expressed their unhappiness with her decision. One, she alleges, told her that it “did not look good” for her, as the BEA head, to support the mayor. Bloomberg’s opponent, William C. Thompson Jr., is Black. While no one explicitly mentioned Bloomberg’s race in their complaints, Johnson strongly believes that is the reason she was fired.

“It is clear [that the BEA board of directors] has an ulterior political agenda, namely, to thwart, even by unlawful means if necessary, the re-election of Mayor Bloomberg based on his race,” the lawsuit says.

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