Detroit Councilwoman's $68 Tax Bill Angers Detroit Residents

Detroit Councilwoman's $68 Tax Bill Angers Detroit Residents

Published May 27, 2009

City deficit: $300 million. Schools deficit: $300 million. Councilwoman's property fees: (nearly) priceless.
What many Americans spend filling their gas tanks in one week equals a whole year's payment of JoAnn Watson's property tax.
The Detroit City Council rep's defense for paying just $68 while her neighbors paid as much as $6,000? Well nobody ever asks to give more than what they owe.
But some residents in Watson's upscale neighborhood say that the elected official knew better.
They're angry that Watson -- who earns $81,000 a year and drives a city-owned vehicle -- never spoke up when her yearly assessment was reduced.
A city error caused Watson's attractive house to be listed as a vacant lot.
The councilwoman says she thought her reduction resulted from tornado damage to her home a few years ago.

Written by BET-Staff


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