Mom Wants Justice After Son was Tasered to Death by Police

Mom Wants Justice After Son was Tasered to Death by Police

Published May 29, 2009

A Michigan mother is outraged over the death of her 16-year-old son, and she's taking the Warren County Police force and the city of Warren to court.

Robert Mitchell died last month after being Tasered by police. He was riding with his cousin, Chris Davis, along Detroit's 8 Mile Road, which was immortalized in Eminem's 2002 film, when the cops pulled up behind them and turned on their flashing lights.  The car was being pulled over for having expired plates.

Before the car could stop, Mitchell jumped out and started running. Davis said that he told his cousin not to run.

"He was real scared, he was petrified," Davis told CNN. "He hopped out the car and started running."

Mitchell wasn't wanted for any crime.  In fact, he had no criminal record.  But what he did have was a learning disability, and his mother believes he ran because he was afraid of police.

CNN reports that officers chased Mitchell for nearly two blocks before ending his life with one 50,000-volt shot of electricity.  Police say he was "resisting arrest."

Mitchell's mother calls the Tasering "murder."

"Shooting a kid with a Taser is not an accident,” Renea Mitchell told CNN. “Tasers don't have they own brain. The trigger can not move unless somebody pull's murder...I'm mad...they killed my kid."

Since 2001, more than 350 people in the United States have been killed by Tasers, according Amnesty International.

An investigation by the police internal affairs department says the use of the Taser was justified, and the officers involved are back at work.

Mitchell's family is now suing the Warren Police Department and the city of Warren.

Mitchell is the third young Black male to die after being shocked with a Taser by police in 2009 alone.

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