Obama Lashes Back at Cheney

Obama Lashes Back at Cheney

Published June 2, 2009

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who has spent the past several weeks blasting President Obama, got a public slap Monday from the new commander in chief Monday who fell just short of calling him a liar.

“Last time, immediately after his speech, I think there was a fact check on [Cheney’s] speech that didn't get a very good grade," Obama told NPR News, referring to the former veep’s comments that Obama had undermined U.S. national security with his plans to close the U.S. military detention facility on Guantanamo Bay by 2010. The president was referring to a report by McClatchy Newspapers that found numerous "omissions, exaggerations and misstatements" in Cheney’s speech.

Obama, however, declined to attack the former administration’s love of country or commitment to the American people.

"I think these are complicated issues and there is a legitimate debate to be had about national security,” he told NPR. “And I don't doubt the sincerity of the former vice president or the previous administration in wanting to protect the American people. These are difficult decisions."

Written by BET.com Staff


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