Activists Continue Defense of Black Radio

Activists Continue Defense of Black Radio

Published June 2, 2009

Rev. Al Sharpton was among the activists who attended a town hall-style meeting today where more criticism was aimed at recent legislation that some say threatens Black radio.

A representative for Congressman John Conyers, who pushed the so-called performance tax bill, met at Detroit's Wayne State University with opponents who argue that the law will put many Black broadcast outlets out of business.

Radio One corporation boss Cathy Hughes has been among the high-profile leaders leading the campaign to have the legislation repealed since it was announced last month.

Critics argue that the bill's reported stipulation that some stations pay a fee to foreign-owned record companies in order to play music, is kryptonite to struggling radio stations.

Already, one formerly Black station has been lost to ownership by the Catholic Church, Hughes states in a public service announcement.

It's feared that more broadcasters will fall by the wayside if legislation isn't provided to counter the performance tax bill's effects.

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