Alleged Molestation Victim Spots Suspect Walking Down Street

Alleged Molestation Victim Spots Suspect Walking Down Street

Published June 3, 2009

A man accused of molesting a 15-year-old Atlanta-area boy is behind bars after the boy and his mother spotted the man walking down the street.

Police in Fulton County say 21-year-old Kentavious Carr approached the teenager, who was playing basketball, offered him drugs, told him he made pornographic films and attempted to sodomize him. When the teen rejected his advances, police say Carr took the boy into some woods and molested him at gunpoint.

"I was just basically trying to see what I can say to convince him, ‘OK, let me go.’ I'm not going to say anything,” the teenager told CBS Atlanta.

The teen was able to get away and tell his mother, who then called police.

"I wanted to blow a gasket. I wanted to find him,” the mother told CBS Atlanta Monday night.

On Monday, the teenage boy and his mom were driving back from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, where they had been working with a sketch artist, when they spotted Carr walking down the street. They called police and Carr was arrested. He is now held in a Fulton County jail facing charges including sexual battery, molestation and armed robbery.

The boy's identity is not being revealed  because he's an alleged sexual assault victim.

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