Pregnant Black Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison

Pregnant Black Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison

Published June 4, 2009

Samantha Orobator, the pregnant British woman convicted of drug trafficking in Laos, was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday, reports CNN.

Last August, the 20-year-old was arrested at a Laos airport and charged with trying to smuggle about a half a kilogram of heroin into Thailand.  London and Vientiane, the Laos city in which she was arrested, agreed to a prisoner transfer arrangement, which would allow Orobator to serve time in her native land. It won’t automatically kick in, however, a Foreign Office representative told CNN.

“Before transfer can take place, the sentence must be final with no appeals or legal processes outstanding.”

Orobator is currently more than five months along in her pregnancy. There is still no clear explanation as to how she got pregnant while in the Laos prison. According to what she told her mother, she wasn’t raped and the child’s father is not a Laotian prison official, reports CNN.

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