Cops Accused of Having Sex While on Duty

Cops Accused of Having Sex While on Duty

Published June 4, 2009

Some cops in the Atlanta area are under investigation for allegedly having sex while on the job, and law officials reportedly have a tape to prove it.

A source close to the investigation gave CBS in Atlanta a copy of the tape, which was shot by a private investigator. The tape shows an on-duty police sergeant pulling into an RV park in Gwinnet County and going inside the trailer with a woman. The two are inside for more than two hours. The officer then comes out, kisses the woman and drives off, CBS Atlanta reports.

Several hours later, the sergeant and the woman were seen meeting up again at the sergeant's house.

DeKalb County Police officials confirmed to the TV station that the case is under investigation.  However, they say they are not sure if the incident on the video happened while the sergeant was on the clock.

“One thing we do have to keep in mind is that we do have some police officers that are assigned take home vehicles," Police Chief Bill O'Brien told CBS Atlanta. "So, we don’t know if it was an on-duty or off-duty incident.”

The incident is one of two involving police officers in the last six months. In a previous case, an on-duty officer was accused of driving to an off-duty officer's house to have sex. According to our source, the officer made a cadet wait outside in the patrol car.

The officers will reportedly remain on patrol during the investigations.

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