NAACP Sues Drug Company for Discrimination

NAACP Sues Drug Company for Discrimination

Published June 10, 2009

Several current and former Eli Lilly and Co. employees have joined a federal lawsuit accusing the drug maker of pay and promotional discrimination against Blacks.

The suit alleges that Indianapolis-based Lilly paid Black employees less than their White counterparts and denied promotions to them in favor of less-qualified candidates.

It also accuses some Lilly employees of using racial slurs when discussing Black employees.

Lilly says it's investigated the allegations and determined that the case has no merit. The company says respect and fair treatment "are the cornerstones of Lilly's corporate culture."

The lawsuit was originally filed by one former Lilly worker.

But it now lists the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as a lead plaintiff and nine other current and former employees who plan to represent about 2,000 people if the case gets class-action certification.

Written by Associated Press


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