New Orleans Democrat Won't Have to Face Star Witness

New Orleans Democrat Won't Have to Face Star Witness

Published June 11, 2009

The New Orleans congressman accused of taking bribes in order to steer business to his relatives isn't alone in allegations of wrongdoing.

William Jefferson's brother, sister and niece have also been indicted as the congressman's corruption trial continues.

But there may have been good news for Jefferson on Wednesday: The woman who wore a wire to get hours of conversation about the politician's alleged corruption won't be called to testify.

Virginia businesswoman Lori Mody first contacted the government in 2005, and then cooperated in their investigation. Her recorded evidence may still be used in Jefferson's trial.

The family ties to his alleged corruption may have even extended to higher education.

Court exhibits in Jefferson's case suggest that the congressman's alleged crimes resulted in payments to his daughter's colleges.

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