Massachusetts Gov. and Wife Selling $1.9 M Mansion

Massachusetts Gov. and Wife Selling $1.9 M Mansion

Published June 15, 2009

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his wife, Diane, are selling their $1.925 million mansion in Milton, Mass. The couple is now in the market for a small condo in downtown Boston close to the State House and the law firm where Mrs. Patrick works.

Some local political watchers suspect the move has something to do with their state’s first Black Governor’s re-election campaign, but he insists it's simply a practical decision.

"The kids are gone, and I think Diane and I realized it had been months since the last time we were in the dining room," Patrick tells the Boston Globe. "It's just weird to have all that space and just the two of us and the dog rattling around in there. It's really time."

The Patricks have two daughters –  a 19-year-old  in college and the elder, a 23-year-old and recent N.Y.U. grad, who lives in New York.

The 53-year-old Governor, who is originally from the Southside of Chicago but moved to Massachusetts to attend boarding school on a scholarship as a teenager, made history in 2006. He became the second African American to be elected Governor in the United States.

"I'm going to use a two-syllable word: puh-lease," he told the Boston Globe, responding to speculation that he is selling to help finance his campaign.  "I did this once before, and everybody had more money than I did. My campaign isn't going to be just about money. It's going to be about engaging people. That's a different kind of politics."


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