Paralyzed Boy Forgives Gunman Who Shot Him

Paralyzed Boy Forgives Gunman Who Shot Him

Published June 18, 2009

A 12-year-old boy paralyzed by a robber's stray bullet as he was taking a piano lesson in Oakland last year had a message for the man who shot him on Tuesday: "I forgive you."

Moments after 26-year-old Jared Adams was sentenced to 70 years to life in prison, Christopher Rodriguez rolled his wheelchair up next to the man who changed his life forever and shook his hand, saying he had forgiven him, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

"I know it wasn't your intention to shoot me, but remember - actions always have consequences," Rodriguez said.

"I'm sorry about your financial problems if that's the reason why you were robbing, and I also want to say I forgive you," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told Adams that "you put many people in danger" and that two of the bullets almost hit his mother, who was waiting in her car outside the music school.

In all, Adams was found guilty of 12 felony counts, including attempted murder, assault with a firearm, robbery, carjacking, auto theft, evading a police officer and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm back in March.

Adams was attempting to rob a gas station when he recklessly fired a bullet that struck then-10-year-old Christopher Rodriguez. The bullet, which Adams had intended for the cashier, whizzed across the street and struck Christopher while he was taking a piano lesson. He was paralyzed from the waist down and has been using a wheelchair for a year and a half.

"What happened in the past happened. That is something my mom always tries to teach me, and my dad, that these thoughts (about the past) can't really help you.

"He wasn't trying to hurt me so that was something," Christopher continued.


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