Nurse Says She Warned Michael Jackson

Nurse Says She Warned Michael Jackson

Published July 15, 2009

A nurse-nutritionist who worked with Michael Jackson says she was interviewed by Los Angeles homicide detectives who told her that needle marks were found on the pop singer's body.

Cherilyn Lee said Tuesday that she told the detectives that she didn't see any so-called "track marks" on Jackson's arms when she provided vitamins and other supplements earlier this year.

Lee also was asked by the detectives Friday if she saw bruising on Jackson. Lee said she didn't but told police that Jackson's veins made placing an IV needle difficult, which could result in bruising.

Lee has said that Jackson asked her for a powerful anesthetic to alleviate his insomnia. She said she refused to help him get access to the drug Diprivan, an anesthetic normally administered in hospitals, which was found in his home.

Lee, who said she warned the "King of Pop," just five days before he died from cardiac arrest, said that Jackson begged her to find hime anesthesiologist to be with him overnight and give him an IV, adding that Jackson was willing to pay whatever it cost to have the drug administered.

Lee told ABC News in an interview that the 50-year-old singer complained his body felt cold on one side and hot on the other, and that she told him of the potentially lethal side effects, including cardiac arrest if combined with other prescription drugs.

"I said, 'This is not a safe medicine, please don't take this. I've been around you long enough now, Michael, I love you as family. I would not give this to anyone.'"

Investigators for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office have confirmed to E! News that they confiscated drugs from Jackson's rented Holmby Hills house where he passed away, but refused to identify which substances were found.


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