Hip Hop Bodyguard Promotes Safety for All

Hip Hop Bodyguard Promotes Safety for All

Published July 23, 2009

From entertainers to activists, one man has protected some of the world’s most well-known personalities.

Commander Dale Brown, founder of the Threat Management Center, counts 50 Cent, Fabolous, Ja Rule and Ice Cube among his past clients, and has also provided security to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby.

Through his team of elite bodyguards and self-defense experts, Brown has also established the Threat Management Center as a valued resource for women, children and families: Victims of domestic violence and stalking have received security free of charge, while the Center regularly offers training and instruction to groups, individuals and even police.

A former Army paratrooper, Brown is observing the 15-year anniversary of one of the country’s most successful privately run crime prevention agencies. Based in Michigan, the commander’s goal is to establish Threat Management Centers around the globe to help law-abiding citizens protect themselves from predators.

“I like helping people,” he says. “Predators, or what we call ‘thug animals,’ are able to hurt those they prey on because the victim doesn’t know how to manage threat.”

The Threat Management Center’s techniques and philosophies have prevented Brown from losing a bodyguard or having a client jeopardized since 1994, he says.

“It incorporates simple psychology and bio-mechanics – the science of physical movement – with learning how to dress, speak and think in any situation, to best bring about a peaceful outcome for yourself and others,” adds the commander.

To encourage safety during the remaining warm, outdoor months, Brown recommends the following “summer survival tips”:

- Create codes with children who visit day camps, amusement parks and beaches where kidnapping and other crimes may happen due to large crowds. “Even in the face of danger, a person sometimes finds ways to communicate,” the commander says. “A code – like saying, ‘I’ll clean the garage’ when you don’t have a garage, or ‘I’ll walk the dog’ when you own a cat – can let you know a child’s in danger without alerting the source of that danger.”

- Secure air-conditioning units from possible removal and use security bars over open screens and windows. Burglars, rapists and even murderers have entered homes left vulnerable by residents who were simply trying to keep cool, adds Brown.

- Be cautious about leaving car windows down at intersections. “Stop lights can be the perfect opportunity for snatch-and-grab crimes, like stealing a purse off a front seat,” says Brown.

Written by Eddie B. Allen Jr.


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