David Imes/ Kingdome Interview

David Imes/ Kingdome Interview

Published August 14, 2009

Harlem’s celebrated Kingdome Classic Tournament has played host to some of New York City’s greatest basketball players. NBA stars and street ball legends alike have all taken to the renowned court for a game or three. David Imes is not yet a household name, but he is poised to join the ranks of other great Kingdome ballers. Imes, a 6-foot-6 small/power forward from Brooklyn, N.Y., was a standout at Brooklyn’s Boys & Girls High School and is headed to Hofstra University this fall.

BET.com talked to Imes at the tournament about his future, playing at Kingdome and which NBA All-Star he’s modeled his game after.

Why did you decide to go to Hofstra University?

I went to visit the school and I just felt like I was home. They gave me a really good feeling.

Was part of Hofstra’s allure the fact that it is close to home?

Yeah, being that now I have a daughter, that’s another reason I wanted to stay local. That’s why I took advantage of going to a big school that’s close to home.

How long have you been playing in these tournaments?

I have been in tournaments like Kingdome since I was 11. I didn’t really take basketball seriously until then. As a kid I just watched and then would play after everybody was done playing. Now, I look at it as fun, something I love to do and I would love to get paid for it.

Tell us about your career at Boys & Girls High School.

I accomplished a lot there. I was the first kid that helped the team get to two championships straight. My school was at least ranked Top 10 in the country two months straight as well as everybody in my year and the year before me went to a Division I college.

What were some of the other colleges you considered?

Oklahoma State, Xavier, Iowa State, George Mason and VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University).

Who are some of the players that you look up to or model your game after?

I look up to LeBron James, but I model my game after Kevin Garnett's.

Written by By: Rashaun Hall


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