Back to School '09 | Recession-Proof Majors

Back to School '09 | Recession-Proof Majors

Published August 17, 2009

Still trying to figure out what your college major will be? Make sure you check out this list of “recession-proof” majors and potential careers for each. Life after college doesn’t have to be uncertain.


Economist, Technical Writer, Lawyer, Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Loan Officer, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Credit Officer, Property Manager, Statistician

Mechanical Engineering*

Aerodynamicist, Aeronautical Engineer, Architect, Fire Protection Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Research Mechanic, Specification Writer, Stress Analyst, Tool Designer

Computer Science*

Applications Programmer, Computer Engineer, Computer Programmer, Systems Programmer, Technical Support Representative, Electronic Data Processing Auditor, Artificial Intelligence Specialist


Teacher, ESL Teacher, Academic Advisor, Social Worker, Private Tutor, Public Lecturer, Librarian, School Administrator, School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities Specialist, Consultant, Public Lecturer, Personnel Recruiter, Public Information Officer, Researcher

 Health Care (Nursing)*

Emergency Room Nurse, Geriatric & Long Term Care Nurse, Home Health Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Rehabilitation Nurse, School Nurse, Traveling Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Nursing Educator

International Business**

International Account Executive, International Bank Manager, International Loan Officer, International Appraiser, Foreign Exchange Trader

Law Enforcement

Police Officer, Private Detective, Probation Officer, Investigator, Corrections Officer

 *List from Rutgers’ Career Services Web site

 **Career list from the University of North Carolina Wilmington Career Center


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