Talk Show Host Takes Aim at Glen Beck

Talk Show Host Takes Aim at Glen Beck

Published September 1, 2009

Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck, who rocked headlines across the nation recently when he called President Obama a racist, was dealt a verbal lashing by another host, Keith Olbermann, Monday evening.

On his show, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” the MSNBC host laid into the conservative Beck, pointing out that while criticizing Obama, he misquoted Shakespeare and misspelled the word “oligarchy” (a type of government dominated by the elite).


“The comfort of today's mythical homespun aw-shucks-TV-totalitarian-Lonesome-Rhodes Glenn Beck is that every day he gives away the essential truth that he is an idiot," Olbermann stated during the broadcast which airs on MSNBC. He went on to allude that Beck is an “uneducated, imperceptive, panicky whack job.”

Beck’s show is eliciting a strong reaction from advertisers as well. Companies including Walmart, CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint have asked that their commercials be pulled from his show, following his statement that the president “has a deep-seated hatred for White people,” according to

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