Gabon Opposition Leader Pierre Mamboundou Injured

Gabon Opposition Leader Pierre Mamboundou Injured

Published September 3, 2009

LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AP) -- Opposition leader Pierre Mamboundou has been injured by police during protests against the electoral victory of the eldest son of Gabon's longtime dictator.

Louis-Gaspon Mayila, head of a political party allied to Mamboundou, said the opposition leader was injured in the arm when police fired tear gas early Thursday at opposition demonstrators who camped outside the electoral commission in Libreville overnight.

Mayila had no details on Mamboundou's whereabouts, but said he had gone into hiding. Mamboundou called the election results "a fraudulent farce" and insisted that results of individual polling stations showed he had around 40 percent of the vote, with Ali Bongo snaring less than 30.

Bongo is a son of dictator Omar Bongo, who ruled this African nation for 41 years until his death in June.

Written by <P>Associated Press</P>


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