Nation's Capital Flooded by Health Plan Opponents

Nation's Capital Flooded by Health Plan Opponents

Published September 14, 2009

Tens of thousands of people poured through the nation’s capital Saturday in seemingly unified opposition to President Obama’s health care proposal. The rally, which was promoted heavily in conservative circles – particularly on FOX News and on right-wing radio programs – aimed to depict Democratic proposals for health care as little more than efforts to move the United States toward socialism.

But, as proponents of the president’s push for a plan to cover America’s uninsured are quick to point out, the majority are not those turning out for Republican-sponsored “Tea Party” rallies but the silent masses who have no coverage and little hope that government will finally do the right thing.

Saturday’s rally stretched along Pennsylvania Avenue toward the U.S. Capitol, and, according to The Washington Post, the crowd was so thick in places that it was difficult to move. At times, chants rose up, including, "Enough, enough" and "We the People," and "You lie, you lie." Some carried signs depicting Obama as the Batman villain The Joker; others described him as a socialist; and fliers urged people to be sure to vote Obama out of office when the time comes

Written by Ed Wiley III,


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