More Than 600 Arrested in Uganda Riots

More Than 600 Arrested in Uganda Riots

Published September 14, 2009

The violence in Uganda’s capital city between government forces and those who are loyal to the African nation’s traditional kingdom has left 14 people dead, at least 82 injured and at least 640 arrested, CNN reports.

The riots started late last week when the government announced that they would not allow King Ronal Mutebi II, who heads the Baganda tribe, travel to an area where a rival group resides.

In the past, there have been problems between the traditional kingdom and President Yoweri Museveni. “The government is wrong to undermine cultural institutions which are the backbone of Uganda’s heritage,” one local told CNN.

“Cultural leaders must be left alone since they are not interfering in politics.” Young rioters looted stores, set buildings and cars ablaze and went head to head with police officers.

There was peace Kampala Sunday, though, as police patrolled the area. The king and the president are due to meet to discuss their differences.


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