Rangel: Obama Made Health Bill Harder | Politics

Rangel: Obama Made Health Bill Harder | Politics

Published September 15, 2009

WASHINGTON — A key House committee chairman says proposals President Barack Obama set out in his health care speech are causing problems for Democrats trying to finalize health legislation in the House.

Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel of New York says House Democrats would have to slash subsidies to the poor to get their bill to the $900 billion, 10-year price tag Obama specified.

Rangel also noted that the president didn't mention the new income tax on the wealthy that House Democrats want to use to pay for their bill, favoring a different approach instead. The congressman said "the restrictions that the president has given in his speech as well as the proposed discussions in the Senate has caused us more problems.


Written by <P>By Erica Werner, &nbsp;Associated Press</P>


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