No Good News in Glum Job Picture

No Good News in Glum Job Picture

Published September 22, 2009

Americans, looking for a smidgen of good news from the man who campaigned on hope, got a boatload of bad news instead: Don’t expect any notable shift in the nation’s dismal job picture for another year.

"I want to be clear, that probably the jobs picture is not going to improve considerably – and it could even get a little bit worse – over the next couple of months," Obama told CNN’s John King in an interview that aired Sunday.

It’s not that jobs aren’t being created right now, Obama said in the wide-ranging interview, but there’s no way they can fill the gaping chasm left by the hemorrhage of jobs earlier this year. "I think we'll be adding jobs, but you need 150,000 additional jobs each month just to keep pace with a growing population," Obama said. "So if we're only adding 50,000 jobs, that's a great reversal from losing 700,000 jobs [a month] early this year – but, you know, it means that we've still got a ways to go. ..."

The president said that every day he asks his political advisers about jobs, “because I know that ultimately the measure of an economy is, is it producing jobs that help people support families, send their kids to college? …That's the single most important thing we can do.”

Written by Ed Wiley III


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