Police Taser Amputee Twice

Police Taser Amputee Twice

Published September 23, 2009

A 40-year-old, unarmed California man with no legs says that police Tasered him twice, roughed him up and left him handcuffed on the sidewalk with his pants around his ankles in broad daylight.

Police arrested Gregory Williams, an amputee who is confined to a wheelchair, on Sept. 11 on suspicion of domestic violence and resisting arrest. Williams, of the central California town of Merced, contends that officers zapped him with the stun gun for no reason. He was arrested and spent six days in jail before being released because prosecutors did not have enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

According to the police report, Williams was uncooperative and refused to give his 2-year-old daughter to Child Protective Services, The Associated Press reports. The Merced Police Department has launched an internal investigation, according to AP.





Written by Ed Wiley III


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