Tylenol Recalls Kids Meds

Tylenol Recalls Kids Meds

Published September 25, 2009

The makers of Tylenol have recalled more than 20 types of children's and infant's medications as a precaution against possible contamination. The liquid products were being voluntarily pulled from stores and warehouses because bacteria were detected in one of the inactive ingredients, the company said.

The ingredient with the bacteria was not used in packaged Tylenol products sold in stores, but was manufactured at the same time. The company did not announce whether any children had been sickened by the medicines.

The recalled products include: Children's Tylenol Cold MS Suspension 4 oz. Grape, Children's Tylenol Plus Cough & Runny Nose 4 oz. Cherry, and Infant's Tylenol Suspension Drop 1 oz. Grape.

The recalled products were made between April and June 2008. The recall involves only liquid Tylenol products.                                                                          

Consumers with concerns about the recalled products are asked to call McNeil Consumer Call Care Center at 1-800-962-5357.

Written by BET.com Staff


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