New Pictures are a ‘Drag’ on East Cleveland Mayor’s Race

New Pictures are a ‘Drag’ on East Cleveland Mayor’s Race

Published September 25, 2009

A contender in the East Cleveland, Ohio, mayor’s race says he hates that pictures have surfaced showing the incumbent sporting lipstick, eye makeup and a wig.

"I hate that this issue came up in this campaign," said East Cleveland Council President Gary Norton Jr. "I did not want to make this a circus. We run a clean, above-board campaign. We intended to do that all the way through. We never would have put anything out like this. I don't want to make it an issue. East Cleveland deserves much better than this."

But East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer says he’s certain that the release of the photos are politically motivated. He apologized to East Cleveland residents but declined to discuss whether they were authentic. They were reportedly taken from his personal computer.

Norton said he has known about he pictures for several years but has no idea how they got loose on the Internet.


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