Rev. Joseph Lowery Prays for Peace Among MLK’s Kids

Rev. Joseph Lowery Prays for Peace Among MLK’s Kids

Published September 30, 2009

The Rev. Joseph Lowery, a longtime friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who marched with the civil rights leader during the turbulent ’60s, launched a public prayer vigil Tuesday seeking peace among King’s squabbling children.

 The surviving children of Martin and Coretta Scott King have been involved in a very public and protracted spat over their parents’ estate. On one side are the Rev. Bernice King and Martin III; on the other is Dexter, who is the executive of the estate. Bernice and Martin have sued Dexter, alleging that he has mishandled the estate, cut them out of key decisions and spent money without proper authorization. Yolanda King, the eldest of the King children, died two years ago from heart failure at age 51.

 On Tuesday, Lowery led a battalion of fellow ministers and civil rights leaders in prayer as they stood in the shadow of the Kings’ crypt and the eternal flame that burns in their honor in Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The day before, the three King siblings held their first shareholders’ meeting in a half-decade. They will meet again on Friday, the Journal-Constitution reports.


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