Obamas’ Trip to Copenhagen Could Pay Off for Chicago

Obamas’ Trip to Copenhagen Could Pay Off for Chicago

Published October 2, 2009

Despite all of the hullabaloo over the bucks shelled out by taxpayers for the president and first lady’s trek to Denmark to sell the Windy City to the International Olympic Committee, the Obamas could be close to paydirt.

Experts are saying that Chicago would have been frontrunner for the 2016 Summer Games, even if the first family had not personally taken the city’s case to Copenhagen, CNN reports. But the visit, they say, is extra gravy on the biscuit.

 Chicago is one of the four cities in contention for the ultimate gold – the right to host the games and cash in on untold exposure, jobs and tax revenues. Critics, however, have complained that the trip is costing American taxpayers an estimated $10 million.

 Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid are also heading to Denmark’s Bella Center convention hall to lobby the 106 IOC members, 97 of whom will cast a secret ballot today to determine the winner.

 Earlier this week, Michelle Obama joked that “the gloves are off,” saying that she was ready to battle for her hometown.


Written by Ed Wiley III, BET.com


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