Hip Hop All Star Video Game Makes DJ’ing Digital

Hip Hop All Star Video Game Makes DJ’ing Digital

Published October 7, 2009

I-play is making DJ'ing digital with it's latest game, Hip Hop All Star, for the iPhone and iPod touch. Hip-Hop All Star lets gamers scratch and mix records from hip-hop icons like Kool G Rap and Greg Nice, to newcomers such as Kid Cudi, Ray J and DJ Green Lantern.

The hand held game places you in the shoes of a DJ on the journey from a house party to a sold out arena. The objective is to rock the crowd at each location increasing your score along the way. Hip-Hop All Star also allows players to battle each other over a wi-fi or bluetooth connection creating a multi-player experience. With social media integration becoming almost standard practice in gaming, Hip Hop All Star has enabled the Facebook Connect feature to allow players to trash talk with friends.

Hip-Hop legend Kool G Rap said, “When I began in this business, I never could have imagined turntables like this. But it goes to show that great minds will continue to revolutionize hip hop and the DJ experience—that’s why hip hop will be around forever.”

Hip Hop All Star is available now in the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

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Written by Jabari Johnson, BlackWeb20.com


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