SKY Dupont Phone: Shiny Tech Isn’t Always the Best Tech

SKY Dupont Phone: Shiny Tech Isn’t Always the Best Tech

Published October 9, 2009

Last time I checked I swore we were smack dab in the middle of a recession, but apparently the mobile phone companies don’t share the same outlook. We’ve seen at least three luxury phones come to market that are a result of a mobile manufacturer teaming up with a high-end designer of some sort. So far we’ve seen a Samsung/Armani collabo as well as a LG/Prada pairing.

According to Luxury Insider, now Pantech wants to get a piece of the premium piece with its latest offering. Pantech has tapped S.T. Dupont, a French company that specializes in crafting high-end lighters to lend its high priced swagger to this new device. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is counted among one of Dupont’s fans. With that in mind, the new SKY Dupont Phone IM-U510LE is modeled with a fancy lighter’s aesthetics as inspiration. The top and sides of the phone are decked out in 18K gold. The most unique feature on this phone is the push up feature complete with the trademark cling sound Dupont lighters are known to make. Yes, the phone mimics a lighter opening. No, it doesn’t do anything cool like shoot lasers or even a small flame.

Spec-wise, the phone is pretty lame. There’s a 3-inch LCD touchscreen for easy viewing of the included mobile TV and interface navigation. The Dupont also comes with GPS and is Bluetooth compatible. The camera is only packing three megapixels with no mention of optical zoom. And to add insult to injury it only works on a 2G network. Um, we’re well on our way to 4G right? Riiiight.

So how much is this gold-plated luxury piece of mediocrity going to cost you? Around (drum roll please) $832. While this is awesome to look at and is a definite conversation starter, I must implore you people, if you can afford this phone (and especially if you can’t) please pass this one by. It’s ridiculous in this day and age to be paying for low-level tech just because it’s decked out in gold and jewels. Would you shell out dough for a jewel-encrusted turd? I thought not. covers website and application launches; culturally relevant Internet industry news; and mainstream Internet industry news from an African-American perspective.  They also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture.

Written by Sherri L. Smith,


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