Tyson Tells All on Oprah Today

Tyson Tells All on Oprah Today

Published October 12, 2009

Once regarded as among the most feared men in the world, a different Mike Tyson emerges on Oprah Winfrey’s show today.

The ex-heavyweight boxing champ’s exclusive interview is set to air on “Oprah,” where he’ll discuss the major events that have characterized his life in and out of the ring.

Topics, according to Oprah.com, include: the accidental death of Tyson’s young daughter Exodus this year after she was strangled on a treadmill’s cord; the infamous Evander Holyfield ear-biting episode that left Tyson a disgraced boxer; the alleged rape of a beauty competition contestant that landed Tyson in prison; and the boxer’s upbringing in Brooklyn.

With the revealing documentary Tyson’s debut in American theaters, 2009 has shown sides of the retired fighter never seen by most fans or critics. In the film, Tyson, 43, sheds tears while recalling the death of his trainer and mentor Cus D’Amato, who died before seeing Tyson win the title at age 20 in 1986.

In the film, a reflective Tyson, who struggled with drugs and financial ruin, also admits to having misused women, but still denies the sexual assault that sent him to prison in 1992. Calling his accuser Desiree Washington a “wretched swine of a woman,” he repeats the belief long-held by many fans that his sex with Washington was consensual.

Other topics of both the documentary and the “Oprah” interview include Tyson’s high-profile marriage to actress Robin Givens, which ended in divorce.

His daughter’s death in Arizona took place not long after Tyson reached theaters. He tells Winfrey that he doesn’t want to know details of how the 4-year-old suffered, “because if I know, then there might be a blame for it, and if there’s somebody to blame for it, there will be a problem.”

Winfrey suggests that Exodus has literally become the “little angel” that Tyson describes her as having been.

“I don’t know, Oprah,” he answers. “I’d like to believe that, and that sounds great.”

Written by Eddie B. Allen Jr.


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