Paul Wall Shoots Music Video on iPhone 2GS

Paul Wall Shoots Music Video on iPhone 2GS

Published October 14, 2009

A few months ago Houston rapper, Paul Wall, made headlines by becoming the first national artist to shoot a music video entirely on an iPhone 3GS. Now the video for "I Need Mo'," directed by Amir Valina, has finally surfaced premiering on MTV's "Sucker Free."

So if all you need is an iPhone to get on TV, why isn't everybody shooting videos? Even though it was shot on a cell phone, the production included a full crew including set design, wardrobe, and makeup. And although costs were cut tremendously the shoot ended up costing "several thousand dollars," My Fox Houston reports.

Valina explains the motivation behind the video as "wanting to do something that was more than just unique. We wanted to take an available technology and really push the envelope." Pushing the envelope is certainly what they did; take a look at the video for "I Need Mo'" from Paul Wall featuring Kobe and Travis Barker. is the premier destination for African-American’s in Technology and New Media.  We cover culturally relevant Technology industry news; mainstream Technology industry news; & African-American Technology and New Media Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers. We also analyze emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture.


Written by Jabari Johnson,


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