Famous Author Sues N.Y. Club

Famous Author Sues N.Y. Club

Published October 21, 2009

Urban fiction author Teri Woods is suing a trendy New York nightclub for a reported $1 billion after the 175 people she invited to celebrate her new book were turned away without explanation.

Woods contends that the only thing the rejected members of her guestlist had in common was their skin color. "They should have just put up a sign that said, 'No Coloreds Allowed,'" said Kashan Robinson, 39, of the Bronx, one of the plaintiffs, speaking to The New York Daily News. "There was no reason for them to not allow us into that club, except for the color of our skin."

Barry Mullineaux, owner of SoHo’s Greenhouse described charges of racism as “all pretty much bogus,” the News reports.

But Woods says she has text messages showing that Mullineaux barred people based on appearance. "Everybody looking at me like this ur people Barry???" read a text message. "I couldn't let in 300-lb. girls."

Asked if he remembered sending the messages, the News reports, Mullineaux said, "Not word for word."

Woods said, "I was clearly violated that night, and so were so many other people. ... All I know is it had something to do with 'your people' and 'fat.'"

The environmentally conscious Greenhouse, which opened last year, is known for its tough door policy and the long lines of clubgoers waiting to get in, reports the News.

Woods said that when she got to Greenhouse she discovered that all her African-American guests, some of whom had traveled from as far as Virginia, were not allowed in.

"They left all of my friends and family standing outside," said, Woods, author of New York Times best seller "True to the Game." "I had really serious people out there: lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry.

"I was embarrassed. I was just walking around in circles and in tears. They took my moment."

Written by BET.com Staff


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