Michael Jackson’s Final Opus

Michael Jackson’s Final Opus

Published October 21, 2009

Michael Jackson’s recent and sudden passing left the world mourning the loss of such an incomparable talent. The desire to own a little piece of the legend has launched its own economy. From knockoff t-shirts to the upcoming film “This Is It,” the tribute memorabilia shows no signs of stopping. If you’re interested in owning one of the more quality and interesting tribute items, you might want to give Kraken Opus a visit.

Kraken Opus is the British book publisher that created that limited edition and insanely expensive Prince iPod some months back. This time around, the price is a little more realistic. For $165, King of Pop aficionados can be the proud owners of “The Official Michael Jackson Opus”, a 400 paged, 13 x 11 inch leather bound tome “enclosed in a silk-covered clamshell case.” Okay, besides featuring hundreds of never before seen photos of Jackson and illustration done by the singer himself what makes this a techie/music fan must have?

Kraken has created Opus Reality, a new technology utilizing augmented reality that allows users to engage the multimedia experience in a whole new way. Using the included Opus Reality card, simply grab the card and go to Kraken’s site for the book. Then, turn on your webcam and hold the card up to the camera to see video of Mike doing what he does best is displayed on the card complete with music and mind-blowing dance moves (Try it out yourself here.).

In a statement to the New York Times, Karl Fowler, CEO of the Opus Media Group said, “Once a month, every month, going forward for years, you’ll be able to see unique, never-before-seen footage…” Jackson Opus owners will also have access to the video archives so they can watch the footage at their leisure.

The 38 pound (yes, this book weighs more than a toddler) Opus was one of the last things that Michael Jackson was working on before his untimely passing. It’s a testament to his life as well as his commitment to staying on the cutting edge through his music and ways to disseminate it to his adoring public.

Set to ship on December 7th,“The Official Michael Jackson Opus” is currently available for preorder through Ticketmaster until October 27th.

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