Activists: Maya Angelou's Landmark Work "Cage Bird" Is Profane

Activists: Maya Angelou's Landmark Work "Cage Bird" Is Profane

Published October 23, 2009

Activists in a southern California community are pushing author Maya Angelou’s most famous work booted from school libraries.

Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” contains sexual references n that are inappropriate for middle-school children, say many parents who attended the Huntington Beach City Council meeting in Orange County, Calif. Perhaps the most controversial scene in Angelou’s memoir is the sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl.

For the past several decades, teachers and parents nationwide have used the book to talk about the real and harrowing experience of sexual assault.

"I'm not happy to read this, I'm not proud to read this," Huntington Beach resident Judy Ahrens told KABC-TV. "It's very uncomfortable to read it, but for the sake of our kids we have to do things that aren't comfortable for the sake of our kids."

 The book can be found in four separate school districts in the county, activists say.

 "It contains child molestation scenes, lesbian scenes, teen sex scenes and teen pregnancy scenes," said Ocean View School Board Trustee John Briscoe. "And these are not matters for children in middle school or any elementary school."



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