Thousands Attend Chicago TV Host Parents Funeral

Thousands Attend Chicago TV Host Parents Funeral

Published October 28, 2009

More than one thousand mourners and supporters of CLTV host Garrard McClendon turned out Monday for the funeral of his parents, who were found shot last week.

Milton and Ruby McClendon, both in their 70s, were remembered at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Munster, Ind., not far from the residence where police say they were victims of a home invasion. Garrard McClendon, host of the Chicago talk show "Garrard McClendon Live!," and his brother Theo McClendon attended the funeral.

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Meanwhile, Reo Thompson, 17, and Gregory Brooks Jr., 18, appeared in a Cook County courtroom, having been arrested in Chicago after the deaths. The young men waived extradition hearings and are being held without bail on charges of robbery, theft, burglary and confinement. They've not been charged with murder, but police are still working on the case.
"We're in the first quarter of a four-quarter investigation," Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller told media on Monday. There is a great deal of physical evidence to be examined, he added.
Police say the teenagers were arrested last Friday when witnesses saw them trying to sell property from the McClendons' home at local pawn shops. An affadavit describes the events leading up to the deaths this way:
Brooks and Thompson planned to tell the elderly couple that they had car trouble and needed to use the phone, but when Milton McClendon opened the door, a third man shoved a gun inside and all three barged in. Overpowering McClendon, they searched the house, despite Ruby McClendon's offer of the $50 in her purse. The suspects then forced Milton McClendon to crawl upstairs to a bedroom, asking, "Where the money at?" They hit McClendon on the head with a vase and Reo kicked him, according to Brooks' interview with a detective. McClendon told them to take jewelry and a .22-caliber rifle. The men later bound the couple and put them in a closet before leaving, but they returned later to "finish" the McClendons.
Chief Miller says there's no evidence to support that a third suspect exists.
Also an author and professor, Garrard McClendon discusses Black community affairs on Chicago networks.

Written by Eddie B. Allen, Jr. ,


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