A Sixth Arrest Is Made in Gang Rape of 15-Year_old Girl

A Sixth Arrest Is Made in Gang Rape of 15-Year_old Girl

Published October 30, 2009

Police arrested a sixth person Thursday in connection with the gang-rape of a 15-year-old California girl.

Jose Carolos Montana, 18, is the latest suspect arrested for his alleged role in the sexual assault, which took place in a dimly lit alley on the campus of Richmond High School near Oakland, Calif. He is charged with felony rape, rape in concert with force, and penetration with a foreign object. He was taken into custody in San Pablo, Calif., a small town about two miles from Richmond.

 The case shocked the nation, not only because of the utterly brazen brutality of the act – at least 10 people participated in the assault – but because a dozen or so people witnessed the 2 ½-hour ordeal without bothering to dial 911. On Thursday, he was being held in lieu of $1.3 million bail. Four other suspects have been charged. Another 21-year-old man remains in jail, but he has not been charged.



Written by BET.com Staff


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