We Be Jammin’: Malibu Rum Takes Drink (Re) Mixing to a Whole New Level

We Be Jammin’: Malibu Rum Takes Drink (Re) Mixing to a Whole New Level

Published October 30, 2009

There are few industries that are immune from getting a high tech upgrade. Fashion, food, and even makeup have a touch of tech to make it more appealing to the masses. Now liquor is getting into the act.  According to CraziestGadgets.com, popular coconut rum maker Malibu, has a fun new app that lets you play bartender.

The Malibu Drink Mixer lets users create their perfect cocktail using sound. Using a digital soundboard with tabs labeled flat/fizzy, sour/sweet, dry/fruity, and thin/thick thirsty music lovers can experiment with the sound until they find their mix. The tabs have a variety of sounds including steel drums, horns, congos, and what sounds to be a cabasas. When the DJ creates the track that’s soothing to their ears, they simply hit the “View Recipe” to display the directions for your musical libation. Since I wasn’t too keen on the steel drums, I ended up mixing a “Surfer Dude”, which surprisingly I would actually drink. Not too sweet, right amount of sour, little bit of fizz, a perfect Ms. Smith drink.

There’s also an option to save your mix. From there you can tweet your recipe to your twitter stream, post it to your Facebook page, or download it to your phone for a bumpin’ new ringtone. As a former bartender and a rabid music lover, this app combines two of my loves and makes a potentially addicting distraction. Kind of like my goose juice or chocolate martinis, this will keep you coming back for more (Seriously folks, I am a beast behind a bar. I still do parties every now and then. Ask about me!).

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Written by Sherri L. Smith, BlackWeb20.com


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