Rapist Might be Mass Murderer Too, Police Say

Rapist Might be Mass Murderer Too, Police Say

Published November 2, 2009

Police who arrived at the home of a Cleveland man Saturday to arrest him on a new round of rape charges discovered six badly decomposed bodies hidden throughout the house.

Detectives found bodies everywhere, from the third floor to the basement and crawl spaces around the home, CNN reports, citing The Sun News. Two of the victims, at least one of whom was killed violently, were Black women, according to County Coroner Frank Miller. While officials have determined that four of the victims were likely strangled, their gender, race and official cause of death have not yet been determined, CNN reports.

Police say the bodies were initially discovered after they went to Sowell’s home to arrest him on felonious assault and rape charges, according to CNN. Armed with a search warrant, detectives said they found the first two bodies on the third floor. Another body was found buried in the basement, two were hidden in a crawl space, and one was found buried outside the home, CNN reports. All six bodies were found in a state of advanced decomposition – meaning they had been there for some time, according to the news agency.

Written by BET.com Staff


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