Sharpton Angry After Ex-wife and Daughter Arrested

Sharpton Angry After Ex-wife and Daughter Arrested

Published November 3, 2009

The Rev. Al Sharpton wants to know how his ex-wife and daughter – neither of whom has a police record – could be arrested and handcuffed for merely debating a traffic ticket in Harlem.

"I cannot imagine how two unarmed women with no record, could be taken in cuffs from a traffic dispute with NO personal or property damage involved," Sharpton Twittered. "Well this is what we deal with every day. We will never accept unfairness."

Police said that they arrested the duo – Sharpton's 23-year-old daughter, Dominique Sharpton, and ex-wife, Kathy Jordan, 53 – on Friday when they screamed and argued with New York Police officers during a traffic stop, The New York Daily News reports.

Police say that Dominique raced past a police cruiser and then through a red light before officers stopped her, sources told the News. “She called her mom, who rushed to the scene to find Dominique in the back of a police car, Sharpton's attorney said.,” the News writes.

Both women were charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration, and were issued tickets and released.

"Kathy showed the concern any mother would show," Sharpton wrote.

Sharpton wrote there were "no drugs or drinking at all" - making their treatment all the more worse. Sharpton lawyer Michael Hardy called the arrest "excessive" and said the police car Dominique drove around was unmarked.

"It seems they were arrested simply because they asked why the ticket was being given," Hardy told the News.

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