Gunshot Victim Taken from Xavier University Dorm Room

Gunshot Victim Taken from Xavier University Dorm Room

Published November 5, 2009

New Orleans paramedics transported a gunshot victim from the dorm room at Xavier University early Thursday morning as dozens of students watched in shock , The Times Picayune reports.

Students called out the victim’s name as he emerged from the building in a gurney, but it was unclear whether the man is a student of the historically Black university or even how he received the wound, the newspaper reports.

Police say, however, that he was not shot on campus. Witnesses told detectives that the incident occurred in a SUV a few blocks from the school, and that at least two people were seen rummaging through the vehicle before police arrived, the Picayune reports.

As police put yellow crime-scene tape around the sedan, all of the vehicle’s doors were open and the engine was running, according to the newspaper.


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