Murder Suspect Anthony Sowell Neighbor Gives Clues

Murder Suspect Anthony Sowell Neighbor Gives Clues

Published November 18, 2009

Sowell, a registered sex offender, is now charged with five counts of aggravated murder, rape, felonious assault and kidnapping in connection with 11 African-American women, whose badly decomposed bodies were found inside Sowell’s home and in his yard. All that remained of one victim was a skull crammed in a bucket in the basement. The stench from rotting bodies was so foul that neighbors forced a local sausage factory to replace its sewer line.

Madison told CNN that about two weeks ago, after police combed Sowell’s property and found two of the bodies, she got in her car and drove to the home of Sowell’s sister.

"I said, 'I'll take a chance and go over there and let them know something's going on at that house,' " she told CNN. To her surprise, when she arrived, Sowell was there, sitting on the couch, she said, "just like it was another day."

"I said, 'Tony, police are at your house and they're saying they found two bodies over there,' and he jumped up," she said.

"I said, 'I'll take you back to the police so you can talk with them.' He looked like he was gonna run."

But she said Sowell got into her car. She was nervous and asked one of Sowell's nephews to go along, but Sowell told his nephew to stay behind, CNN reports.

While in the car, she said, "I told Tony, 'I think you should talk to police and find out what's going on.' He said to me, 'It's all gonna come out now. ... That girl made me do it.'"

She said she did not ask him what girl he was talking about, but that the only girl she had seen at the house was Lori Frazier, the niece of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. It was unclear if Sowell was referring to Frazier in his comments to Madison, according to CNN.


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