BART Cop Caught on Tape

BART Cop Caught on Tape

Published November 23, 2009

In yet another embarrassing incident involving California Bay-Area transit police, an officer was caught on videotape slamming the head of an ejected passenger into a large window, shattering the glass during an arrest on the station platform.

See the Video: Watch the Violent Arrest

The officer can be seen on tape walking a man from the train by the arm. Moments earlier, the man seemed frustrated and appeared to be gesturing with his hands. The officer stops the man near the window and then appears to push the man’s head into the window. The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, according to police.

Authorities for the Bay Area Rapid Transit said that they have suspended the officer involved with pay, due to his injuries. The passenger, 37-year-old Michael Joseph Gibson, of San Leandro, Calif., reportedly sustained cuts to his hand, forearm, palm and head. Both the man and the officer, who reportedly was cut on his face and suffered a concussion, were treated at a hospital.

The incident, posted on YouTube, comes in the wake of another videotaped case of alleged excessive force by a BART officer. On New Year’s, Officer Johannes Mehserle, 27, was caught on tape fatally shooting Oscar Grant, 22, at a station in Oakland on New Year’s Day. The incident was recorded by several bystanders and blast across the Internet. That case will be tried in Los Angeles, probably late next year, a judge ruled last week.

"This is a use-of-force case that we will thoroughly investigate," BART Police Patrol Commander Daniel O. Hartwig said in the statement. "We will review all available information and video and are requesting anybody with any other video or information to please come forward."

Gibson, who was booked into the Santa Rita County Jail, faces charges of battery on a police officer with injury and resisting arrest, and public intoxication. The battery and resisting arrest charges are felonies.

The officer was placed on leave due to his injuries, authorities said.



Written by Ed Wiley III,


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