No More Rebel Flags, Virginia School Says

No More Rebel Flags, Virginia School Says

Published November 27, 2009

Following two racist incidents Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountain community of Rockingham County, school officials say it’s time out for Confederate flags.

Under a new policy outlined Tuesday night by schools Superintendent Carol Fenn, any student who uses the Confederate symbol to taunt, bully or intimidate will be subject to disciplinary action. In September, students at Broadway High School in Lacey Springs, Va., displayed the flag and hurled racial slurs, reports News Channel 8.

While many of southern students and their parents say that the Confederate flag is merely a symbol of southern heritage and pride, others point to its use as a symbol of slavery and Jim Crow by a recalcitrant South, and intimidation and hatred by the KKK and other White supremacist organizations.

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