Iverson’s Ex-coaches Tell Him Not to Retire

Iverson’s Ex-coaches Tell Him Not to Retire

Published November 27, 2009

Allen Iverson’s fellow league-mates and former coaches are among those who would like to see the All-star guard hang in there – at least until he’s certain he’s ready to retire.

And, according to sportscaster Stephen A. Smith, the diminutive baller is already having a change of heart.

"I think he just wants to feel wanted again," Smith quotes one of Iverson’s sources saying.

Said the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade: "I'm No. 3. He made No. 3 cool. He made crossovers cool. He did so much for the game as a pioneer. It's sad to see him think about retirement."

Added Denver’s Carmella Anthony, known for sporting Iverson’s trademark cornrows:  "It's tough – just a messed-up way to go out like that.”

Bobcats coach Larry Brown might try to talk Iverson out of retiring, the Charlotte Observer reported. Brown coached the former Bethel High star with the 76ers.

Also, Iverson's former Georgetown coach, the elder John Thompson, wants to talk with him. Thompson told ESPN.com's J.A. Adande he was "vehemently opposed" to Iverson retiring, "especially out of frustration."

Last week, the 6-foot Iverson, frustrated after finding few teams interested in having him as a starter, announced that he would hang up his sneakers. But the fifth-leading, all-time scorer added that he still believes he has some good years left in the league. Iverson has averaged more than 27 points per game over his career.

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